Custom-Made Permanent Magnet Motors

“In 15 years, Electricity will be more used for vehicles than for lighting” 
Cit. Thomas (Alva) Edison, 1925

image for customization motors


Aiming at the user requirements, we discover their bespoke motors and we provide various size, shape, appearance and interface.


We provide integrated design and we drive complete solutions of motor + frequency converter + controller + variator.


Customized design makes the system operation more stable and reliable, which can prolong the usage life, reduce maintenance cost and save energy.

Our customized electric drive technology solutions can reduce the system weight, decrease the energy consumption, shorten the delivery and installation time, lower the operation/ maintenance cost and improve the user experience.

Customizing range

Power: 5KW~2MW

Speed: 2500rpm~60000rpm

Voltage: 110V~690VAC or 24~240VDC

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