MC Motor Europe - Your European Specialist on Synchronous Reluctance Permanent Magnet Motors (SRPM)

Professional Care: personalized assistance according to Client's requests.

R&D Department:
advanced technologies to provide the best solution.

Multilingual Assistance:
MC Motor speaks in 5 different languages.

Customised Motors:
bespoke products produced on Customer's needs.

For which application fields can the Industrial Permanent Magnet Motors be used? For example high speed compressor, blower, turbine, pump, centrifugal dryer, spray dryer and other emerging fields.

Choose the Brushless Motor you need according to the different rated speeds, rated powers, rated torque and other technical information.

 Where are the New Energy Vehicle Motors used? In breaking system, large load electric-powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV),power steering system, then for fuel cell EV (bus/truck/car) and other emerging industries.

Find your best solution for Permanent Magnet Motor in the three following alternatives or ask us a quote with your technical needs.

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